A Tale of Two Cities: Vietnam Tours of Hanoi And Ho Chi Minh

It’s rather tough to categorise Vietnam tours as one sort of vacation or another. On the one hand, vietnamfacts.com lists luxury resorts offering modern conveniences in the fast progressing cities like Ho Chi Minh City. On the flip side, there are the sights of amazing beauty with awe-inspiring mountains, mysterious dense forests with lush vegetation with strong rivers, caves and wonderfully long stretches of white sand.

In actuality, vacations here could probably be described as kind of a combination between a beach vacation, a mountain vacation, a nature retreat and an indulgent resort vacation. But even that would do the nation a disservice, as it is a lot more than that, with tons of surprise, wonder and beauty awaiting.

With so many amazing sights to see, where does one begin getting to know the fantastic country that’s Vietnam? Tours are available for a variety of parts of this awesome destination, but here are the two great cities which produce a wonderful beginning for those visiting for the first time.

Ho Chi Minh City

The nation’s financial and business hub and its rapid expansion in the previous decade had turned it into one of the most amazing destinations in Southeast Asia. The city formerly known as Saigon is currently growing faster than perhaps any other Southeast Asian city, developing a distinctive identity that is a blend of the traditional and urban-a perfect starting point for Vietnam tours which function as an introduction into the nation.

Where to go

Ho Chi Minh City is entertaining, enlightening and psychological too. Do not overlook the War Museum, Reunification Palace, Thien Hau pagoda, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Fito traditional medicine museum. Do a little shopping at Ben Thanh Market in downtown Ho Chi Minh, and enjoy a quiet evening of excellent food in the small bistros and restaurants uptown. Lastly, do not overlook the Cu Chi tunnels, the extraordinary underground tunnel network constructed by Vietnamese fighters during the long struggle for independence- an remarkable testament to creativity and an unforgettable reminder of a time that’s tough to comprehend.

Where to go from here

Ho Chi Minh delivers a full variety of transportation options to extend your Vietnam tours to the other sights and wonders of this country-even transportation to Cambodia if you so choose! Stop by the”River of Poems”, Can Tho, with its scenic floating market, the beaches in Vung Tau, mangrove forests, mountainside villages and much more.


North of Ho Chi Minh City is the nation’s capital, and a excellent destination for Vietnam tours focusing on culture, literature and arts. Said to be the nation’s heart and soul, its slower pace, tranquil ambience and gentler nature is an ideal place to go exploring on foot or take a Cyclo ride.

Where to Go in Hanoi

Absolute musts in Hanoi include the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum (Mondays & Fridays closed), along with his home on stilts, the One Pillar Pagoda, Tran Quoc pagoda, the Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam (the Temple of Literature) and Ngoc Son temple. Do not forget to wander around the town’s ancient streets for a little sightseeing and shopping and revel in the French-inspired architecture. Another must-see is the Water Puppet show at Thang Long Theatre.