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How to choose the best marijuana seeds

When people hear about marijuana or cannabis, it is often associated with drug abuse, addiction and even condemnation. But marijuana, although prohibited in most countries, there are also places and countries which allows the use, and growing of marijuana.

Canadian Seed Bank is primarily used for medical purposes. It originated about 3 millennium BC but it became more popular these days. Aside from its medical use, it is also used as a recreation, for religious purposes or spiritual purpose. Religious use of cannabis or marijuana is linked with a religion called Rastafarianism which is popularly practiced by a reggae master, Bob Marley. But problems seem to arise with so much use of marijuana because of its side effects that greatly affects the brain which results to hallucinations, depression and others.

But many strong believers especially in countries where marijuana is not illegal believes in what it could do. For instance, people with cancer undergoing chemotherapy usually losses their appetite in eating. Cannabis can help stimulating hunger since when undergoing therapy, it is important to eat and do hydrations rounds. It can also be used as an analgesic to those who experiences pain. In cancer cases again, they can be under excruciating pain and cannabis can be a relief. Since marijuana can decrease intraocular pressure, it generally shows a positive sign for treating patients with glaucoma. But these should be done in a short term because long term use leads to addiction.

On the other hand, people can make a living out of growing marijuana. Although cannabis are generally leaves, it is planted as a seed and there are different strains of this drug. Before buying the seed, there are things that need to be considered like growing the seeds whether indoor or outdoor, the types and varieties of seed, the effect it will give and many others.

Looking up on the internet, there are guidelines on how to choose the best marijuana seeds. they need to think about the factors like the quantity needed, its yield, the height the seeds can grown, how fast it can be harvested or the flowering period, the climate needed, the effect it gives and the level of difficulty when trying to grow the marijuana.

Generally, the popular seeds are the indica and sativa. Many cannabis-related sites would tell you how to choose the best marijuana seeds depending the effect that the user is looking for or how they intend to let these seeds grown. Some marijuana seeds are very difficult to cultivate that is why most sites say that indica and sativa are much known. Cannabis indica is mostly grown indoor and it grows up to 50 centimeters long. It is expected to flower at 8-9 weeks and growing it is fairly easy. On the other hand, cannabis sativa, which comes in different sub-types flowers from 9-11 weeks and it grown outdoor. It can grow up to 90 centimeter and the quantity of seeds needed is about 10 in order for the marijuana to grow.

There are still other types of seeds listed on the internet and growers can cross-breed their cannabis according to their own liking. Seed buyers just need to get a good offer since different sites also offer additional seeds when ordering an X amount of seeds on their sites.

Caring for Succulent Plants

Succulent plants do flourish under a number of the conditions that the other plants do. The best thing about them though is the fact that they have been well adapted to surviving in conditions of low fertility and drought and they are also attacked by a very small number of diseases and pests. This comes in very handy as once you plant the succulent plant seeds you will not have to work extra hard that they grow into beautiful mature plants.

Succulents are referred to as the camels in the plant world and they require very little water to survive. You simply need to ensure that you water them once every week. Just pour enough water and they will survive; make sure that you do not overwater the plants. These plants have specialized tissues contained in their leaves and stems that help them with the storage of water. They thus do not require a lot of water.

Fertilization also ought to be done infrequently. Once you plant the succulent plant seeds and they begin to grow, fertilize them using a fertilizer soluble in water; the fertilizer ought to be diluted till it is only half as strong as it ought to be. As the plant continues to grow, you will need to fertilize it using fertilizer diluted till it only contains a quarter of its original strength.

The succulent plants grow in quite a number of forms from the trailing to the spreading to the upright. If you want to prevent them from taking cuttings or being too leggy, you will need to regularly prune them. The optimum time to do the pruning is when the transition between dormancy and active growth is taking place. Be careful when pruning not to cut off the entire plant, just snip off the offsets away from the mother plant once it starts to get too crowded.