Father’s Day Unique Gift Ideas

Welcome to our 2007 version of Father’s Day Gift Ideas. Below are my top five choices for Dad, the king of hard-to-buy-for. Please, I beg of you, don’t believe him when he says that anything will be fine, or that he’ll like whatever you get him. It’s not true.

Dads love to be WOW-ed. When buying for him, always be looking for something that’ll make him say, “cool” or “neat”. Appeal to his inner child and give him something to play with, put together, or show off to his friends.

1. Share of Stock. So, he’s bought so many different golf clubs, putters, balls, and shoes that he ought to own the company. Well this is the year that you’ll give it to him! Oneshare.com is one if the most interesting companies I’ve come across in years. You choose a company, recipient, and personalized message, and they send you a framed, actual stock certificate. Choose from many of his favorite companies such as: Harley Davidson, Callaway Golf, Playboy, World Wrestling Entertainment, and more. Choose one of their suggested sayings (Harleys don’t leak oil, they mark their territory) or write your own. Pick a frame, and you’re done. One very personalized, very unique gift. Click here for more information lazyop.com/category/gifts-for-men.

2. Skill Stop Slot Machine. We’ve talked about these a few times, but they continue to get hotter and hotter. Men love games; that’s why poker is so popular. These slot machines are the next big thing in gaming. These are real slot machines that were actually used in international casinos. When they are retired (which is anywhere from 1 month to 2 years of use) they are refurbished in the US and sold for home use. A brand new one of these sells for over $3,000, but surprisingly enough, you can get one starting at a couple hundred dollars. There are so many titles available, you’re sure to find one that piques his interest.

3. The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser. This is the perfect gift for a guy that likes to entertain. Whether it’s inviting the guys over for a game of cards, a BBQ, or to watch the big game, he’s always having to get up and get someone a fresh beer. Well not anymore. Now everyone can be their own bartender. Enter The Drink Tender. This bad boy holds 80 oz. of his favorite brew. The center column is actually a removable ice chamber that keeps everything cold. Now, if we can only get someone to invent the pizza tender.

4. Personalized Humidor. These guys have been an absolute hit since their introduction. These personalized humidors match our popular lines of pub signs, coasters, and beer steins. Even if he is just an occasional smoker, he’ll love having a place to keep his stash of smokes. These well-crafted humidors are illustrated with your choice of 42+ stunning designs. There is something here for anyone’s interests, from poker and billiards, to the biker or beach bum. There are even some for true cigar aficionados. One of these personalized humidors will be an excellent addition to his study or office. Click here to see all designs.

5. Black Tungsten Carbide Laser Engraved Band Ring
Titanium is the new definition of cool when it comes to men’s jewelry. Titanium is strong, durable, and light-weight. Plus it looks great. There are lots of designs to choose from. Now you’d think that jewelry made from an aerospace metal would be way too much for your budget, but these are actually surprisingly inexpensive. For instance, the ring shown is less than $100! My favorite places to get these are Just Metal and Titanium Kay.

When buying for dad, remember, his just a big kid at heart. Any of these gifts are sure to be a big hit.

Need more ideas? Check out our resources page for all my favorite places to guy unique gifts for men.