Get Lucky with Thai Amulets

What are Amulets?

Amulets have always been a vital part of the Thai culture from the origin of Buddhism. The Thai Buddhist amulets are referred to as “votive tablet” that is a blessing from the Buddha. It is a special thing that all the Thai people have a belief that it will protect them against the harm, and it will bring happiness, wealth, love, luck and relationships.

In Thai culture, they have a custom that if they have a make a wish at a temple, they have to redeem a vow and make a merit. For example, if you had a wish that you get a scholarship in a New York University and you have made a wish at a particular temple and your wish becomes true so in return you need to redeem a vow by doing something that particular monk of the temple likes as a gift.

Almost every Thai Buddhist will always have one Amulet. They are very particular about their customs and traditions. You will find all the age of people will be wearing an amulet around neck, or as a bracelet on the wrist, or as band on the arm and as well as a ring on the finger through that way they feel closer to the Buddha and feel protected from negative energy.

How Amulets are made?

Amulets vary in size, shape and the material used to make amulets can be metal, wood, stone, plaster or bone. The most common thing found on the amulets is that they always have an image of Buddha or a famous monk or it can also have the image of the monk that had sculpted the amulet. After the makers have made the amulets they have to be send to a specific person to add the magical properties and make it special previously there used to be called as shamans but nowadays as the number of shamans have decreased so the makers send the amulets to the monks and they carried out the following prayers and special rituals that makes the amulet magical and powerful. This process can take around week or more than a year it depends on the type of the amulet and how powerful it has to be.

What are the types of Amulets?

In Thailand there are numerous Amulets but here are a few that are divided according to their usage in these following categories:

  1. Amulets for wearing for example: – for neck, for head, for arm, for finger, for waist etc.
  2. Amulets that can be tied around the head, arm, waist, etc.
  3. Amulets could also be implanted inside the body this were specially used during the war time to defeat against the enemy.
  4. Amulets are also found as statues that are also kept at home or at their business place to bring and spread positive energy.
  5. Takrut (ตะกรุด) – Takrut amulets are very specific and are designed as a tiny rolled metal amulet that is inscribed with magic words. It brings charm and a magic jewel of rolled bras. It is 1000 years old amulets which was used from a very long and ancient time. The specialty of this amulet is it can give the power to be invulnerable or invincible. It also brings you luck and protect you from harm. A person wearing takrut amulet cannot be harmed by any weapon or any negative energy.
  6. Leklai (เหล็กไหล) – Leklai amulets are rare and not everyone can have it only benefactor who has high virtue and morals can keep them with this amulet. The specialty of this amulet is it helps to be vulnerable and enhance prestige. It is alleged to have certain kind of supernatural powers and it capable of protecting the person who wears or possess it away from death threatening dangers. Leklai never losses its odor with age. It is a metal charm and it is believed that when it is expose to fire it can melt the fire.
  1. LP Ruay- LP Ruay was discovered in a Buddhist temple by name Luang Phor Ruay Wat Tako in the city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. This city was the capital of Thailand before Bangkok. One of the famous cities in Thailand where people go and make a wish and make merit it famous for its temples. The amulet LP Ruay is made up of gold metal. The specialty of this amulet it brings wealth to the person who possess. It covered by gold on the 3 sides.

Amulets are currently sold at large scale in the markets of Thailand. Amulets are advertised in magazines and they are allocated entirely towards trade and also obtained online. During the ancient time, the amulets were used by the soldier as weapons as they didn’t have the privilege of special tools to win the war against the enemy. It used to act like a sword for the enemy and bullet proof for the soldier. The saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” goes in hand for the amulets.