How To Protect Your Data With CyberHour

CyberHour makes quite a statement of fact by claiming that it’s an adult video hosting nation, with “sensitive data” guarded by Bulgarian law. While those who use CyberHour to host their adult videos may not understand what that means on the practical sense, consider its safety to assume that your sensitive data isn’t safer from untrustworthy eyes (including government ones). Additionally, one would be bold to trust a site run by hackers with top secret government information. Is that paranoia or common sense?

Fortunately, it’s probably not the latter. The fact that cyberhacks are getting more common every year highlights that users need to be more aware of where their data is being sent. In a bid to combat cyber criminals, some offshore hosting companies have decided to go the extra mile and offer secure email based hosting options. This has been a wise move for many cyberhustle operators and customers alike, especially as it gives happy customers more choice in terms of adult video hosting sites to use.

For example, there’s CyberHour’s adult friends club offering features like two-factor authentication. That’s significant because even adult sites that use PayPal as a payment method can suffer if one member uses a competitor service. Additionally, there are numerous VIP accounts for those who want more privacy and security. As well as an extensive list of catered options, CyberHour also provides free setup and domain registration, which make it ideal for newcomers or small businesses looking to get off the ground.

But perhaps more importantly for those running adult hosting is the privacy policy listed at the end of each CyberHour website. Not only does this feature in a privacy statement about the type of materials one can expect to see on the CyberHour website (e.g., porn, nudity, adult videos), it also includes the company’s address, contact information, and website description. The same information is listed on each of the individual web hosting packages offered by CyberHour. This is a valuable tool for anyone looking to protect their company from cyber threats. In addition, many of these hosting companies offer a money back guarantee just in case there is a negative result to the use of their services.

But what about CyberHour’s shared hosting plans? Most adult websites that run on the Internet make use of more than one server to accommodate a large number of visitors. Using the shared hosting plans offered by CyberHour allows enterprises around the globe to share resources without worrying about paying for expensive international servers. These offshore servers are often less than reliable, and they are typically used only for loading photos and other less important items onto a mainframe computer. Since high-traffic websites usually require more resources and an even higher level of speed and reliability, using a cheaper hosting service overseas isn’t ideal.

A great way for enterprises to find out whether or not a particular offshore hosting provider offers a reliable service is to request a quote. Using the online form provided by every web hosting provider to request a Cyberhour quote is a smart way for any business to gather important information about the plans offered by different companies. An easy way to collect this information is through the use of live chat. A live chat system in place on the CyberHour web hosting website allows users to ask questions about the service, or to receive updates on progress as a result of a webinar. Webmasters can even follow up with a question to a live chat representative by sending a live question to the chat operator.

Another important consideration for any enterprise that uses a shared server is security. Many adult websites utilize highly sensitive data from members that could be stolen by unscrupulous Web-hosting servers. By using CyberHour, any personal data stored on the offshore web-hosting server would be safe. An example of sensitive data might be the credit card numbers or social security numbers of employees. Personal data sharing between different enterprises around the globe is strongly advised against due to the high risk of international fraud. It is also highly recommended that any business owners looking at an overseas web-hosting company that offers CyberHour choose a secure VPN so that they are able to access their website in any location around the globe.

An excellent option for businesses that use CyberHour for their web hosting plans is the VPS (Virtual Private Server). VPS hosting plans are much more affordable than most offshore web-hosting solutions, and they allow an enterprise to have complete control over the physical server. Businesses that need more control than a virtual private server (VPS) provides can opt to rent out extra space on the server when they need it. They do not have to buy an entire server – instead, they can rent out just what they need at a specific fee. The option of renting out extra space when needed is a great way for businesses to utilize their bandwidth and resources on the cyberhorde while saving on costs.