Leedon Green Condo

Leedon Green Condominiums is the latest addition to an ever increasing number of green communities in Holland, the Netherlands. This exclusive community located in the picturesque Nieuwenhof area of Gelderland is built on the foundations of sustainable building principles, green roof and other sustainable building features. The development is being marketed by global sustainable building specialists Nuevo Eco-Social Solutions as a green “smart community” offering a comprehensive approach to environmental performance and community vitality. With a population of just over twelve thousand, this green community is amongst the best in the world for sustainable building practices. The focus of the community is on environmental performance through its Zero Waste policy, active involvement of local communities in the development of green building practices, and its use of locally sourced materials.

Although the community is not officially fully sold, Leedon Green condo is fast becoming one of the most popular sustainable communities in the world. With a population of just over twelve thousand, this green community is amongst the best in the world for sustainable building practices. The community is fully committed to environmental responsibility through its Zero Waste Policy. It also advocates actively the reduction of landfill waste in and around its community. It also promotes the active involvement of local communities in the development of green building practices and uses locally sourced materials.

There are two kinds of Leedon Green Condos – residents and non-residents. Residents live in high-rise towers at ground level and access their individual outdoor balconies; they enjoy the best of city life with easy access to shopping, recreational facilities and nightlife. Non-residents can live in the five individual buildings at ground level and access to the common areas, outdoor pools, gyms and parking areas. The residents have additional benefits including daily maid service, heated swimming pools, gyms, dining, and on-site shops. There are also services including a heated swimming pool and a health centre.

The Leedon Green community has a very distinctive architectural design. The towers are clad with environmentally friendly glazing that promising energy efficiency, as well as a low carbon footprint. The project incorporates cutting-edge green building technologies and energy efficiency, to create maximum comfort and quality while reducing costs and increasing value. The buildings are also designed to enhance natural ventilation and daylight, and to minimize energy consumption. The mixed-use community offers residents the convenience of an urban lifestyle combined with ecological living, all within the comfort of a modernist residential space.

Leedon Green condos are located in a unique section of Peel’s vibrant city centre. This section is conveniently located between Yonge and the York region’s Yonge Street and Finch Avenue, near the CN Tower. The Yonge area is considered one of the most liveable downtown cores in Canada, due to its mix of public and private transit, restaurants, retail shopping, entertainment and other desirable locations. Residents have easy access to both the city’s bus routes and the Sky Train, as well as the Canada Line. This means residents of Leedon Green will never miss out on their daily commute, nor will they miss out on the cultural offerings that make this area so special.

Leedon Green is also home to a variety of amenities. The clubhouse offers a variety of meeting spaces, including a smart board meeting space. Other facilities include an indoor swimming pool, a fitness room and a state-of-the art fitness equipment centre. Leedon Green is also conveniently close to the Leedon Park recreational centre, which features a large community centre, an indoor playscape and a large covered outdoor pool area. Leedon Green is one of the most desired postal zones in the entire Toronto area.

Leedon Green is also home to an independent movie theatre. Located within walking distance to the Leedon Park retail centre, the Movie Factory has four movie screens, two of them featuring first-run movies. This means you can enjoy your favourite movie during your lunch break, or when watching movies during your evening short. Leedon Green is also home to a second theatre, called the Just Imagine! This theatre features multiple screens and a concessionaire that supply snacks and beverages.

Leedon Green is one of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for a quiet, leafy city, Leedon Green is definitely for you. Leedon Green is located minutes from Toronto’s downtown areas, which means you’ll be able to take in all of the cultural offerings that Toronto has to offer without having to go to the city to do so. Leedon Green is truly a place where you can live the high life.