Natural Body Building Diet

Many people hit the gym every week in an attempt to have a perfectly shaped body. The thing that most of them neglect or ignore is the bodybuilding diet. The importance of a correct diet in bodybuilding equals the importance of the workout routine. There is no wonder that you don’t make any progress if, for instance, you just exercise and eat dinitrophenol, whenever you please. A correct diet for bodybuilding should cover aspects like planning the meals both in what concerns timing and in what concerns their content.

If interested in body building you should forget about having three consistent meals a day and switch to four to six smaller meals. When a few hours pass from the last meal, the body goes into a catalytic state and starts making provisions for bad times. This means that it will start converting nutrients in fat deposits. This is why it is recommended to have smaller, but often meals rather that rare and consistent ones.

dinitrophenolAnother aspect that is very important in a bodybuilding diet is the fact that the bodybuilder should consume all the essential nutrients. The diet for bodybuilding shouldn’t deprive him or her of nothing and should include the appropriate amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Not respecting this principles leads to very common mistakes because bodybuilders either eat too much or too less from something. These proportions can however vary depending on individual particularities and a nutritionist is most entitled to offer you a comprehensive diet for bodybuilding.

Another common mistake comes from the fact that people don’t realize that there are various types of carbs and of fats and some of them are recommended while others are to be avoided. For example complex carbohydrates release energy for a longer period of time and sugars which only give you a short boost of energy. Fats are also a good example: there are good fats and bad fats and sometimes people eat the bad ones instead. Other mistake that is made in bodybuilding diet is the fact that people eat too much or too less protein or the fact that they totally exclude the fats that are needed in the diet.

So what is the difference between a diet and a bodybuilding diet?

Well a regular diet is just aimed at starving yourself enough that your body eats up your fat, while on the other hand a bodybuilding diet is regulating the food you eat.meaning what you eat, how much you eat, and how much of what you eat. In reality a diet in the bodybuilding world is much more efficient for those serious about bodybuilding or for those who are just looking to get fit? Why? Well it doesn’t involve starving yourself,which is very unhealthy for your body, and it’s based upon burning calories to burn fat not starving yourself. Meaning it’s more efficient,and it’s much healthier.


Protein is a bodybuilder’s life blood. You won’t grow without them it’s that simple. So in a muscle gaining diet the most crucial ingredient is protein. In a healthy proper diet if one is aiming to gain muscle or loose muscle 1 gram of protein per pound of muscle is what is usually consumed. This makes sure your muscle receives all that it needs to grow bigger or maintain this current weight.


It is very crucial to get this part right. When it comes to carbs you want to always aim for complex carbohydrates not simple ones. Unless its after your workout. To which it’s better to consume a simple or fast carbs. But when eating meals in a muscle gaining diet one should always aim for complex carbohydrates. How much carbohydrates depends on wither you are trying to gain weight or loose weight. If one is aiming to cut down its best to cut down on carbs while maintain the same protein level. Doing so will help him loss weight efficiently,meaning losing fat without muscle


In a bodybuilding diet this is the enemy and should be avoided.but still it has its place. Healthy fats such as fish oil, or nuts, or olive oil are advised in moderation. Such healthy fats are extremely beneficial and are consumed by athletes following a bodybuilding diet. Otherwise fats from sugars and junk food should be avoided completely.

A serious bodybuilder needs an effective bodybuilding diet. This doesn’t need to be difficult but the proper bodybuilding nutrition is very important for the development of strong muscle. A bodybuilding diet will take into consideration carbohydrates and the significance they play in bodybuilding nutrition. Carbohydrates are in fact sugars and starches that provide energy for the body. Some are what they call simple and others are called complex carbohydrates.

Fruits and dairy products are what you call simple carbohydrates as they are more easily digested by the body. Complex carbohydrates take a longer period of time for the body to digest and they are found in vegetables and legumes. As a bodybuilder, you will want to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet especially before turning in for the night. Don’t eat carbs within an hour of bedtime because the body won’t burn up the calories and through the digestion of the carbohydrates and you just might end up storing those extra calories as fat and that’s no good for a bodybuilder.

Eat Less More Frequently

A bodybuilding diet requires that you eat more frequently but in smaller amounts. It is suggested that you have six smaller meals in a day rather than the traditional three larger meals. This helps he metabolism stay steady and continues to burn calories throughout the day. Maintaining the proper meal schedule may be one of the most important bodybuilding nutrition strategy it will allow you to burn fat, build muscle and be n the right path to achieving your goals.

Make Your Diet Work for You

Your bodybuilding diet is a key component in your program to add muscle and aid in your weight training program. A Good bodybuilding program will address all the issues of losing weight, reducing fat, building and toning muscle and in actually sculpting the body. Proper training and body building nutrition means that you should never think of a diet as starvation. Instead it is about making healthy food choices and developing healthy habits that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Bodybuilding nutrition is so important that you might want to consult a professional nutritionist. A bodybuilding diet is different than common weight loss diets. With a Bodybuilding diet your focus will be on eating the foods that will help you build lean muscle mass and power.