The Disadvantages of Using Oral Drug

Oral drug testing is a method that has been used by most employers to test the use of substance abuse among its employees be it new entrants in the company or the existing members. It involves the collection of saliva from an individual by the use of a particular absorbent stick by swiping it in the mouth. The collected sample is then screened and tested for any drugs in the system.

This method of testing is easily done at the comfort of the workplace, and the results come out very fast compared to other testing methods. Most employers prefer this method, but it has a few numbers disadvantages associated with it.

There is a limited time that a drug stays in the system for the above test to be useful. With this being the case an individual can totally abstain from the drug use habit a few days before the test and be guaranteed of passing it, this results to admitting a habitual drug users to the company without knowing.

There are higher chances of contamination involved in this type of testing, then the outcome results will not be accurate. When a person uses a special mouthwash before the test, the saliva is contaminated and does not give accurate results. People have sworn to chew on ice cubes and some mint sweets to influence the results of the saliva drug test. Taking a lot of water beforehand has also been sworn to giving negative results to an individual when subjected to an oral drug testing.

All the above having been said, the decision to use the oral drug testing method in testing for drug use and abuse lies with the company management be it among its staff or the new employees coming on board.

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