Hi, I’m Helen Boss, Smart Marketing Success coach and founder of Smart Marketing Success, formerly Helen Palmer.

I love to inspire consultants, coaches and small business owners how to overcome procrastination, lack of confidence or just sheer dislike of selling and show you how to master the art of heart-centered marketing to create a never-ending flow of lifelong clients.

I’ve always been taught to tell a story; it’s how we learn and teaching my students and clients how to be successful online through the power of the written word is a great way to create the content every good website needs.

To be successful on the Internet you need a combination of qualities:

  • Online Visibility
  • Content Creation
  • List Building
  • Traffic Generation
  • Product Creation

Article marketing works for any niche and provides the backbone for all 5 of the essential steps above, showcasing knowledge, vision and ability.

Taking stories and turning them into engaging articles that will help boost online visibility, build highly qualified and responsive lists, draw traffic to your websites and be the springboard for product creation. A win-win for aspects of your business!

I invite you to uncover your own stories and create a flood of traffic and clients to your websites. You’ll be glad you did.