A Quick Look at Fire Resistant Safes

Most homes and businesses have small items, documents, and valuables whose occupants would regard as absolutely crucial. One of the best ways to prevent the loss of important documents, identity papers, cash, and other valuables in the event of a home fire, is with a fire safe.

If the items you need to protect are valuable enough it may very well be worth the extra investment of a fire safe. Of the popular brands you may wish to consider a Sentry fire safe, Brinks, or Fire Fyter safe. Each of these brands rate a fire proof safe according to a set criteria for how long they can withstand extreme conditions. Some have submitted their safes to independent laboratories for testing to see if they really withstand the conditions they claim.

If you have important documents on site there really is no reason not to make the investment. A small document-box sized fire safe box from any of these companies rated to withstand more than 1500°F for half an hour, without the internal temperature rising over 350°F, retails for as little as $40. Since larger fire resistant safes are among the strongest safes they double well as firearms safes. If you’re willing to spend the money you can go much further up the scale and pay more than a thousand dollars for a fireproof safe large enough to store 24 rifles, with room for ammunition, pistols, cash and other valuables. While they may not totally prevent damage to firearms in a fire – they’re usually rated for documents, not firearms – they will protect against theft and will go some way towards containing any explosion that could occur in a very serious fire. Either way, a gun safe is essential to any home which has both guns and children and, in some states and countries, storing guns in a safe is mandatory. If you do have guns it makes sense to get a brandbestendige kluis and be prepared for all eventualities.

If you keep important data backups at home, on CD’s, data DVD’s, tape backups, hard drives, or other removable media either from your own computer, or for an off-site backup from work, a special type of fire resistant safe known as a “media safe” is essential. Media safes are rated to withstand most fires with the internal temperature of the safe staying below 125°F (52°C). This is important since digital media and electronic components are far more vulnerable to heat damage than paper or other documents and can become irreparably damaged at temperatures much higher than this. With a good media safe you can ensure the safety of crucial information. While media safes are understandably more costly than normal fire resistant safes the extra degree of protection they afford – no pun intended – is well worth the investment.

Some fire safe manufacturers have made the decision to submit their safes to independent testing laboratories to verify the rating they have given it. When making a purchasing decision it is important that you check to see whether the manufacturer just claims their fire safe will withstand certain conditions or whether they’ve backed it up with research. If they do happen to say they’ve had their fire safes tested they should give the name of the lab that did it. Armed with this information you can verify yourself whether the testing is truly independent. If they don’t offer any source for their independent testing it’s likely that it hasn’t been done to stringent standards, if at all.