Maintain Consistency with Your WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing, also known as no cost marketing, is a method by which businesses and organizations of all sizes market to their customers via targeted messages. Bulk WhatsApp marketing software is quickly becoming one of most powerful marketing methods for small businesses today because of several reasons. One being the extraordinarily high response rates.

Over 98% of WhatsApp messages are read. Furthermore, 95% of WhatsApp messages are read within the first 5 minutes. Stop and think about how powerful that is. For your business to have the power to have your best customers read a promotion, news update, or special at exactly a time you specify is a huge feather in your cap!

WhatsApp marketing success also depends on about your list; the list has to be targeted and what type of script or WhatsApp Marketing Software are getting used. The software dashboard must have all features what makes one success. As that list grows, it becomes more powerful and when the time is right, you can send out WhatsApp promotions whenever your business needs it most.

Anyone who has been successful with digital marketing will tell you for free that consistency is one of the key elements in WhatsApp marketing. If you fail to provide consistency in your marketing campaigns, then don’t be surprised to see low engagement rates and extreme effectiveness in your campaign. That’s not what you want now, or is it? Absolutely not! So, how exactly do you maintain consistency with your WhatsApp marketing campaigns? Well, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Keep your initial promise.

If your original plan was to do 5 WhatsApp marketing campaigns a month, you should do whatever it takes to maintain that. Don’t do less and don’t exceed that target either. Failing to keep your initial promise will break the trust and reliance that your subscribers have in you. In worst case scenarios, accounts get suspended due to inconsistency issues.

  1. Provide value.

Besides offering exclusive campaigns, you should also ensure that the offers that you give out are cohesive. This means that your subscribers should always know what to expect from you. If you are used to giving them monetary discounts, don’t surprise them with a buy-two-get-one-free offer. If you do, then there’s a high chance that your offer redemption will go low.

  1. Maintain your schedule.

Timing is quite important as far as maintaining consistency with WhatsApp Marketing is concerned. If you are accustomed to sending out your text message marketing campaigns between 9 to 10AM every Monday mornings, it’s best to maintain that schedule. This is because your subscribers will be expecting to see your WhatsApp Marketing messages during that particular time.

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