How to watch a new movie online?

Internet has now become cheaper and more efficient. Due to this, people now have the option of watching movies online. The percentage of people visiting theatres has greatly reduced over the years. 123movies gives you flexible option of watching movies from the comfort of one’s home. You can watch a whole lot of movies at a cheaper price and can also watch movies with your loved ones at home. All these cannot be achieved while watching movies in a theatre. Many websites are available these days which provide you with the option of watching movies online.

123movieshub.toYou have to pay to watch movies online in some sites while the rest allow you to watch them for free. Also in some sites you can download the movies and watch it later.

In many other sites you are only allowed to stream the movies. While it is known that many of the sites all you to watch movies for free or at a price, people should not ignore the fact that the movies they mostly have are old ones .It is difficult and also against the law in most of the countries to stream new movies online. However there are some websites which allow you to watch a new movie online. These are

HD online – This website has a fabulous collection of movies online. Unlike other free streaming sites which load the screen with pop ups as soon as one ventures out to see movies, HD online does not stream ads. This makes it easier for people to watch movies without interruptions

Putlockers 2 – This is another beautiful site where people get t6o watch a multitude of movies online. It has a very good collection of some of the best and newest movies and television shows. The site is quite user friendly and one can navigate through it easily. To watch a particular movie, all you have to do is to enter the movie name online in the search bar and click on the enter key. Now the movie will appear on screen and one can play it without any hitches.

123movies – This is one of the most popular movie streaming sites that is currently available online for movie aficionados. It has a brilliant collection of movies and this is the go to site for people who wish to watch some of the new movies absolutely free. All you need is a tub of popcorn to relax and enjoy watching movies online on this site over a lazy weekend.

Cmovies HD – This is another great site where one gets to watch a plethora of movies belonging to various genres online. The website however allows you to watch the movies through live streaming. One need not have to download to watch the movies in the site. The site allows you to watch movies over Android smart phones, PCs, tablets and even laptops.

Movie4k – This website was previously known as Movies2k.It is one of the most sought after sites that people visit in order to watch movies online. The site enables you to watch a great collection of movies comprising of both new and old ones.